Twitter Shadow Ban

Making Money with Charles Payne discusses Twitter’s shadowban on Women for Trump

As you know, we have been under attack from the left like never before, even to the point of receiving death threats.

But we aren’t backing down. We are working harder than ever before to support President Trump.

Unfortunately, it seems the harder we work, the more challenging it becomes to get our message out to Trump supporters.

Now Twitter has our account shadow banned. That means that if you search for us on Twitter, you won’t find us unless you know our Twitter handle. They are suppressing our account so we can’t be found.

Our Co-chair Amy was on Fox Business with Charles Payne earlier this week pushing back on Twitter.

We will not be silenced and promise to work harder than ever before to get our message out about our support of POTUS and the America First agenda.

But we can’t do this without your help.

We are 97 days away from the midterms and need to raise our profile more than ever before. The media likes to push the narrative that women don’t support our President, but there is nothing further from the truth!

Help us tell the world that Women for Trump is here and we are supporting our President and his agenda.

Death threats, Twitter and no one else will stop us…we will continue to fight as long as we have your support and others like you across the nation.

Can you chip in today so we can please continue our work…$10, $25, $100, $1000 or whatever you can afford to give? Every little bit helps.

I’m counting on you and the President is counting on us. Together we are making a difference!
So please DONATE TODAY!  Your support will help KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

Please MAIL your donation via USPS to our headquarters:
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