August 21, 2017


There is more unrest in Charlottesville as city council’s regular meeting abruptly ended.

A protest erupted inside Charlottesville city council chambers August 21 as councilors held their first meeting since deadly violence played out in city streets on August 12.

The crowd screamed at councilors and eventually took over the meeting, which caused the police that were present to intervene.

The emotional crowd vows to see the statue taken down, even if it is by their own hands.

At one point, councilors and city staff fled the room as protestors jumped up where the council sits. Two protestors held a banner saying “Blood on your Hands.”

“You had multiple opportunities to intervene and you did not intervene one time.  We told you exactly what you needed to do and you did nothing,” said an unidentified man at the meeting.

The people in the crowd demanded answers about recent events that occurred in the city.

“You want to call yourself the capital of resistance the resistance was the medics that saved lives. The resistance are the citizens who are identifying the perpetrators of hate crimes,” said Emily Gorcenski.

They wanted someone held accountable.

“Somebody has to be held accountable not only for the blood of those three lives but for every injury that happened this past weekend.  And I’ll be damned if I see another one of my brothers or sisters get beaten or die,” said Don Gathers.

Charlottesville police officers flooded council chambers in an attempt to keep the crowd calm. Three people were hauled out of the chambers and arrested.

“You can drag citizens out of here. Your officers and look at the officers you brought here tonight versus who is usually here. What kind of statement are you all making?” said Nikuyah Walker.

The crowd called for the three people arrested to be released. At one point vice-mayor Wes Bellamy assured the crowd that those individuals would be released.

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