Fox and Friends – Women for America First Summit

Heels On, Gloves Off – We are pushing back on the liberal feminists and will not let them define what women are about in 2018 and beyond!

What an incredible week! Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the US  Supreme Court and Women for Trump was there on the ground.

Women for Trump held our very first Women for America First Summit in Washington D.C. and the timing could not have been better.  The theme for our event was Heels On, Gloves Off and our attendees did not disappoint.

Not only did we get to meet Lara TrumpSarah Huckabee SandersKatrina PiersonJudge Jeanine Pirro, Sebastian Gorka, Greg Jarrett, Sara Carter and many more at our conference, but many attendees even went to the Capitol to support those who were voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

We were thrilled Fox and Friends covered the Summit, but we also had press coverage from around the world. Yes, we were covered by international press too. That is how much of an impact we are having!

This past week showed that women will decide the 2018 elections and while the left is enraged and full of hate, we are not afraid of them.

Women for Trump stood up to the leftist and the progressive feminists and we pushed back on them.  We stood up for what is right and in the end, good prevailed over evil.

We also have learned in the past few weeks that democrats will lie about your husband, father or son if they think it will give them a political advantage.

This means we have a lot of work to do in the next 3+ weeks.  We need your help to fight back against this menace!

Women will be the ones to decide this election – that means us. That means you. That means your friends.

We will  be the ones to elect Congressmen and Senators that support the President and his America First agenda.

Women for Trump is so proud of POTUS and the hard work he is doing . We cannot let him down! He needs us now more than ever.

Now is when we need to double down and we need your support.

We can’t do this alone and we will not back down, but we need our supporters to know we are out here fighting to defend the President and his agenda.

Can you chip in today so we can please continue our work…$25, $100, $1000, $5000 or whatever you can afford to give? Every little bit helps.

I’m counting on you and the President is counting on us. Together we are making a difference!

So please DONATE TODAY!  Your support will help KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

Please MAIL your donation via USPS to our headquarters:
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