Justin Amash has opposed President Donald J. Trump’s America First agenda every step of the way. Since President Trump’s inauguration, Amash has voted against the Republican party more than all other House members. 

What’s even worse, in a series of tweets, Amash aligned with Democrats by calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

Now, Amash is leading the charge for a third-party presidential option – even going so far as saying he “can’t rule out” running for president as a Libertarian.

Congressman Justin Amash is an obstructionist to President Trump’s America First agenda and the people of Michigan deserve more.

It is past time for a new representative in Michigan’s 3rd district… one who represents their values, who supports the America First agenda and will partner with President Trump to Make America Great Again.

Sign below and to tell Congressman Justin Amash to RETIRE NOW!

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