Peter Hasson
August 15, 2017

CNN anchor Jake Tapper conceded in a recent interview that many of his peers in the media were slow to call out falsehoods from former President Obama because they were “much more supportive” of him.

“A lot of people on the left didn’t like it [when Tapper called out falsehoods from the president] before, and now they like it,” Tapper said in an interview with Rolling Stone published Tuesday morning.

“I don’t want to compare President Obama and President Trump on these issues because they’re different and the scale isn’t even remotely the same. But President Obama said things that weren’t true and got away with it more for a variety of reasons, and one is the media was much more supportive of him,” he added. “The Obama White House thought I was self-righteous and a huge pain in the ass.”

The first eight months of Trump’s presidency has been marked by a hostile relationship with the press. Tapper’s network, CNN, has had an especially adversarial relationship with Trump.

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